Army Green Half Chest Binder


The F2M compressive and containment chest binder vest top is produced in Italy , made with breathable and high quality fabrics.


The weight of the lycra employed ensures an effective compression of the chest, allowing at the same time wide freedom in movements. Its quality also makes it particularly soft and comfortable in contact with the skin.

The sweat-wicking and quick-drying textiles used, make this clothing suitable to be worn in the sea or pool.

The front is lined internally in cotton and the back is partially in double layer of lycra, while the shoulder straps are single layer.

This particular combination of the two fabrics in each F2m chest binder vest top, is specifically designed to achieve the right balance between an excellent containment effect and elasticity, as well as specifics treated in detail in the production phase.

Thanks to its characteristics the F2m chest binder can also be used by cisgender men with gynecomastia, by cisgender girls who desire a flat breast or by anyone else who feels to compress the chest safely and comfortably!

Size guide

⚠️ Please consult our size guide carefully

Your chest measurement will be taken by wrapping a soft tape measure around your body at the widest
part of your chest, this will be approximately at the nipple line.

Your shoulder width measurement will be taken by placing the soft tape measure on the outside edge of
one shoulder, and stretching it to the outside edge of the other across your back.

European Standard Sizing and Fitting

Petto >80 80-86 86-92 92-97 97-102 102-108 108-112
Spalle >30 30-40 36-45 40-50 50-58 50+ 50+

*All measurements are in centimetres

How to take care about your Chest Binder

Hand wash in cold water with Marseille soap if possible or machine wash cold using the gentlest cycle in the washing machine, do not dry in a dryer but air dry instead.

Do not iron.

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